Art Gallery View View ]  [ Download Download ]
In the Art Gallery, you can create, color and make your very own Froot Loops necklace!
Building Front View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Welcome to Kellogg's Cereal City USA!
Cereal City View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Take a stroll down the cobblestone lane of Cereal City and experiment with exhibits relating to health and nutrition, marketing, and the cultural impact of cereal.
Cereal City Cinema View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Bob Keeshan, best known as Captain Kangaroo, explores the marketing and advertising efforts of Kellogg Company in this colorful presentation.
Cereal City Entrance View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Factory Store View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Our Factory Store is the largest outlet for Kellogg's themed merchandise in the world. Here you can purchase anything from a Tony the Tiger sweatshirt to a Toucan Sam coffee mug. Don't leave without that perfect souvenir!
Historical Timeline - Invention Kitchen View View ]  [ Download Download ]
At our timeline, discover the cereal story and its relation to American social and cultural events of the era.
Historical Timeline - Storefront View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Visit Battle Creek of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries where you'll learn about the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, and the Battle Creek Sanitarium - where cereal was invented.
Kellogg Cereal Wall View View ]  [ Download Download ]
The Cereal Wall is a mosaic created from pictures of thousands of different Kellogg's cereal boxes over the years.
Production Line View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Learn exactly what goes into the making of Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal by listening to our self-guided video tour. See and smell the simulated cereal production line in operation, then taste a warm cereal sampling at the end!
Soft Play Space View View ]  [ Download Download ]
Sit down and relax. Let your kids climb, jump, and have a ball in the kids' soft play area.
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