Adult triplets

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In this volume, contributing authors from various countries including Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, and from diverse backgrounds and disciplines including medicine, pediatrics, neuropsychiatry, psychotherapy, and research, examine the very interesting subject of twin and triplet psychology. Although the current technology of in vitro fertilization has dramatically increased the number of multiple births, there is insufficient literature on the psychological aspects of twins and multiples. This book attempts to fill the gap of knowledge, in theory and practice, about psychological issues pertaining to multiple-birth families. In the first chapter, the author describes the psychology of twin and triplet relationships and gives insights into how it feels to be a twin.

Twin and Triplet Psychology: A Multi- Professional Guide to Working With Multiples

Identical triplet girls | Being a mum to adult identical triplet girls | Twinfo

Well, here we are. My identical triplet girls Shannen, Kaitlin and Courtney are finally adults, and I am so proud. Life in our family has been a roller coaster from the day we found out we were expecting triplets. There were big changes in the year A bigger car, my boys 10 and 12 yrs had to learn to share a room and my attention. Endless bottles, nappies, clothing, bathing, feeding….

Being a mum to adult identical triplet girls

They even eat the same meals to maintain the same waist size. We just assume everything about identical triplets is, well, identical, but these famous triplets took a home ancestry test that showed otherwise. See The Maynard Triplets pictures, photo shoots, and listen online to the latest music. Does the same news stories on different sites are perceived by the Google monster and brother Matt Cutts as duplicate content? Find the answer here.
This is a list of notable triplets. One in about 8, natural pregnancies results in triplets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.