Diversity exercises for adults

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Modern organizations recognize that to be leaders in their industry, they need a workforce that represents the society in which it exists. To keep employees from all backgrounds engaged, leveraging their skill sets, and sharing their ideas, there must be a sense of belonging for all. Even the most progressive companies are still figuring out how to create better systems and processes. And this sheds light on a greater truth: there is no end point to fostering inclusion ; there will always be more to do, and more to learn. So the most important thing that any manager can do is see workplace diversity and inclusion as long-term projects, ones that will need continuous nurturing and dedication.


5 diversity and inclusion activities to build belonging on teams | Officevibe

A diverse labor pool is vital to any organization. It refers to the manpower which includes individuals with a wide range of characteristics. It encompasses different significant factors that include personality, education, interests, hobbies, sexual orientation, race, talents, cognitive styles and abilities. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences come together to strengthen the diverse workforce. It goes without saying that, to cope with the ever-increasing competitive edge, it is inevitable to retain the diverse talents. It refers to the efforts that help an employee feel like an important part of the diverse teams, irrespective of the differences. It focuses on creating an environment where diverse employees are accepted and appreciated.

15 Activities Of Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace

This article features a handful of activities you can do with your team, broken up into two categories click on them to jump to that section. Activities to increase interpersonal understanding and inclusion. Activities to increase awareness of invisible social structures like privilege.
As my eldest son becomes a pre-teen, emotional intelligence, acceptance, empathy and understanding have become hot topics in our house. Following is a synopsis of some diversity activities that our colleagues have posted online. The Diversity Thumball is a fun training tool that tackles a difficult topic with smarts and sensitivity. Toss it around in a group and ask participants to share their reaction to whatever prompt lies under their thumb.