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After a months-long investigation of sexual abuse at St. George's School, a report released Thursday described the elite Rhode Island prep school in the s and '80s as a cauldron of sexual exploitation of students. Sixty-one alumni gave investigators first-hand accounts of the abuse they say they suffered, with 51 saying the abusers were faculty or staff and an additional 10 reporting abuse by classmates. Two staff members abused at least one student every year they worked at St. Murphy wrote in a preface to the page report.

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‘Profoundly disturbing’ abuse documented at elite R.I. school - The Boston Globe

Prince George Sexual Assault Centre provides counselling and support services in a safe and supportive environment for individuals, families and groups. We work with women, men and children to help them overcome the effects of sexual violence. We advocate for societal change that does not tolerate oppression, exploitation or violence in any form. We strive to influence and increase awareness by delivering public education, and together as a community, create a culture free from sexual abuse. We are choosing to take this measure in recognition that the virus is most likely to affect people with serious chronic medical conditions and older adults. Social distancing is a community-based measure that helps slow down the spread of the disease and prevents hospitals from becoming more overwhelmed. It is important that we all do our part to make sure that the people that need services can access them.

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On a September afternoon, about 60 prominent Christians assembled in the library of the Metropolitan Club on the east side of Central Park. It was a gathering of unusual diversity and power. Many in attendance were conservative evangelicals like the born-again Watergate felon Chuck Colson, who helped initiate the meeting.
The age-sex pyramid is a demographic tool which shows patterns of change in the age structure and sex ratio of an area over time. Its name comes from the traditional pyramid shape of an area which indicates a lot of children in large families, with a lower life expectancy and relatively few elderly. This shape is quite rare in developed nations like Australia. As nations and areas transition over time this shape turns into a column where there are less children a mix of ages including many elderly. Older areas with a lot of retirees or relatively few births may have a "reverse" pyramid formation where the largest proportion of the population is at the top of the chart.