Lick your own penis

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Hi, could you get any disease, STD, HIV or other diseases from sucking your own penis; i am a virgin, never had any sex, only lots of masturbation and more recently auto-fellatio; before and after i do it i always wash thoroughly with soap. Other concern is that of some whitish small bums grouped have appeared around the foreskin Please provide an answer You're like the fifth one this week. Can anyone really doubt we need to return to science-based sex education in our schools?

How to suck your own dick: everything you need to know

disease from sucking own penis ?

First and foremost, it helps like hell to have a long cock. Think about it. You can lick your own crown, tongue your pee-hole, whatever. You can make it work. Open your mouth, pull your own hips forward, and try to carefully work that cock into your mouth. If you can get any part of it in your mouth at all, it might well be just the tip. Suck on it, tease it with your tongue, and so forth.

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Perhaps you even tried it once or twice in a desperate attempt to taste the forbidden fruit; achieve the unachievable; reach for the stars—you get where this is going—but never succeeded. Here are the best tips on how to suck your own dick. Some men are born with the gift of self-pleasure, also called autofellatio or self-fellatio.
Come on, you know you've tried it. If you have a penis, a mouth, 15 spare minutes, and even an iota of curiosity, you've tried to see just how close you can get your face to that pesky little pecker you carry around in your pants. That's OK, man has been trying to get that thing into his mouth since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, most of us can't do it.