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Norway is a magnificent land that attracts many tourists every year. What are the most widespread associations with this country? Gorgeous nature, legends about Vikings, beautiful fjords, spellbinding mountains, rich history, and interesting culture. Of course, this country has a lot more features and characteristics to boast of, but those mentioned above made Norway famous. The country is located in Northern Europe, in the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula.

How to Succeed in Dating Norwegian Women

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Norwegian Girls

So, you are probably traveling to Norway in a couple of days and you are looking for some Norwegian women dating tips. Or maybe you heard some Norwegian girl stereotypes and just want to check whether or not they are true? Whatever it may be, I will share my experience from Norway, what are typical Norwegian women like and my overall experience with international dating while I was in Norway.
What about women? What are Norwegian women like in reality? Many guys from all over the world dream of having wives from Norway. Let us take a closer look at their personality and determine why so many men are obsessed with Norwegian brides.