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Over time public perception of what is acceptable has also broadened. This trend drives the demand and naturally glamour photography is increasing in popularity. Increasing popularity of this genre of photography is not surprising, many women like the whole experience — dressing up, trying on different ideas and accessories, creating different moods. And glamour is the perfect match for that. But there are several factors each of which can mean all the difference for the final result — hair and makeup, clothing and accessories, lights and posing. Of course, each of these are a broad subjects and in this article we will only touch the surface of the posing part.

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Posing Guide: 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Glamour Photography

Remember me. From building rapport with the model to exploring different angles of view to encouraging the model to tap into their own creativity, there are a lot of things to be done to make the session a success. As a photographer and an artist, you need to have a game plan - and that plan should involve getting to know the model before the shoot. Not everyone is comfortable taking off their clothes and posing for the camera, so taking a few minutes to build a professional relationship with the model will go a long way in making the shoot more comfortable for you both. Whether you're working with a female or male model, they need to know your creative vision for the shoot.

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To snap or not to snap? That is the question when it comes to nudes, I mean. There's nothing wrong with sending a tantalizing pic of yourself to bae while they're at the library cramming for finals — for moral support, of course — or just for your own safekeeping.