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A year-old girl in the final of the Japanese National Girls' competition won the championship [2] A year-old Japanese girl arrested for sexual assault on a year-old primary school student Japanese primary school girls' group is popular, Japanese year-old girls' group is "pure and sexy" Japanese primary school students are crazy. These pictures of this page are about: Japanese year-old primary school underwear girl Recently, a year-old mixed race model in Japan became popular Japanese primary school girls' League is popular. Are you sure this is a year-old primary school student? Subject of this article: Japanese year-old primary school underwear girl Page 1.

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The short skirts are worn irrespective of the season. The girls may also wear loose socks and scarves, and have dyed hair. The girls refer to themselves as gyaru gals , although this word is applied to several other fashion looks as well. Aside from the miniskirt or microskirt , and the loose socks , kogals favor platform boots, makeup, and Burberry check scarves. They may also dye their hair brown and get artificial suntans. They have a distinctive slang peppered with English words. They are often, but not necessarily, enrolled students.

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Mishima is considered one of the most important Japanese authors of the 20th century. He was considered for the Nobel Prize in Literature in , but the award went to his countryman and benefactor Yasunari Kawabata. Mishima's work is characterized by "its luxurious vocabulary and decadent metaphors, its fusion of traditional Japanese and modern Western literary styles, and its obsessive assertions of the unity of beauty , eroticism and death ". Mishima's political activities were controversial, and he remains a controversial figure in modern Japan.
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