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The profile interface is fairly simple to understand. To equip armor, you may right click the armor of your choice in your inventory, or alternatively left click and drag to the appropriate box. Hovering with your cursor over an armor icon will show you the details including modifiers of the piece, compared with what you have equipped. Tera: Castanic Armor. A very well designed armor in Tera. This armor reminds me of the Rentus set in Aion.


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Will there be any new decent options? The current available ones all look ugly, but all the new art of Valkyrie look cute. There will be 2 new hairstyles and 2 new faces, which in my opinion look very nice. Hope download doesnt take long.

Tera Online

The Castanic is one of the Races in Tera. They are clever and skilled people, primarily comprised of craftsmen, merchants, and artisans. They're extremely loyal, but also opportunistic and quick to anger. Originally named devas, the castanics were children of the goddess Zuras.
Castanics suffered great oppression and prejudice for allying themselves with the demon-god Lok. As a result, they've lost their trust of outsiders and decided to do things by themselves instead. Most Castanics follow no Gods, although some have decided to follow Kaia. The humans and amani helped them get into the Valkyon Federation , but only after they were free from the demon's grasp. The Castanic are originally a clan who fled the bloodthirsty Devan Empire, and their dark goddess, Zuras.