Testament of sister new devil season 3

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However there are a lot of questions regarding Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3. The most important question is when are we going to see the third season of Shinmai Maou no Testament? Here we take a brief look on the anime series and what it holds for us in future. First of all let me clear you that Shinmai Maou no Testament is no anime for people who like to watch logical TV series. I stand with you on that but do know that many fans love to watch anime just because of the anime girls.

Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3: ‘2021’ Release Date Confirmation?

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Back in , those who stands behind the anime announced that another anime project is in the works. We thereby have been witnessing another OVA episode, which premiered on March 28, No doubt, you want to know whether there will be Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3. It's clear now that the franchise is ongoing. Besides, the 12th volume of the original light novel series has been issued on April 1, , in Japan. In addition, it's worth noting that The Testament of Sister New Devil Season 1 has covered the first three novels of Tetsuto Uesu's light novel series. At the same time, the 2nd installment, in turn, has adapted volumes 4 to 7.


Shinmai Maou no Testament was an enjoyable ecchi anime for a lot of viewers. However, Production IMS is yet to announce the renewal of the sequel. Will it ever return? What will it be about? Hence, here are all the answers to your burning questions.
After performing a master-slave magical contract with Basara becoming the master to the girls around him, Basara must help defend Mio from the demon and hero clans. The first anime series adapts material from the first three light novels. The first DVD and Blu-ray Disc compilation was released in Japan on March 27, by Kadokawa Shoten , with individual volumes being released monthly until August 28, for a total of six volumes. In March , the first season's twelfth episode announced that a second season would continue broadcasting in Japan in October.