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While there he also visited Paris and that was when he discovered Ingres and Raphael Kirchner. Kirchner was a premier artist for La Vie Parisienne. Kirchner's technique and his approach to the female figure profoundly influenced Vargas. In Vargas headed home to Peru via the US, but he stayed in New York and found work retouching photographsas well as drawing and painting. In , Vargas became the primary Ziegfeld artist for twelve years.

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Alberto Vargas Nude Pinup 4. Vintage Art Print. This is not the original artwork. It is a reprint..

The Legacy Nudes : A Love Story

In , Playboy magazine published a pictorial feature on Vargas' nudes, which drew the attention of publisher Hugh Hefner. When Vargas and Esquire went their separate ways in , the artist immediately embarked upon a project to publish his own yearly calendar. In the meantime, the magazine published an Esquire Calendar for that consisted completely of unsigned Vargas paintings.
Consisting of a series of twelve spectacular paintings created by Alberto Vargas, the Legacy Nudes have had a profound influence on the artistic portrayal of the feminine form. The limited edition Lecacy Nude Collection represents twelve impeccable lithographs of these masterpieces. His consummate attention to every detail and his relentless quest for perfection were fully and brilliantly realized during this phenomenal undertaking. Inspired by his love and concern for his wife Anna Mae , Vargas continually returned to each painting, devotedly working and reworking these watercolors until they were flawless. Upon their completition in , they were put aside, not to be released in his lifetime, creating an intended legacy for his beloved wife.