80s sex comedy

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Jump to navigation. At Video Ranger, the tiny video store in the town where I grew up, the selection of R-rated teen-sex titles drew pre-teens both boys and girls like a magnet. My best friend and I, at age 11 or 12, returned almost every Saturday night to rent another tape to sneak past our parents and into the VCR. Private Resort. Private School.

80s Sex Comedies

Weinberg's List: The 50 "Best" Teen Sex Comedies of the s

Let's be honest. Most of these movies are pretty bad. In the end, they were nothing more than invites for underage kids to rent R-Rated movies: Pause, Rewind, Repeat. Renting R-Rated movies was easier than getting into one in the '80s.

“The To-Do List” is the '80s Sex Comedy We Wish Had Existed in the Actual '80s

R 83 min Comedy. R min Comedy, War. The Caddyshack boys are joining the Military! The folks who created Meatballs and Caddyshack take their winning formula to new heights with the likes of Sean Young and the precious P. Make sure to buy the extended cut to catch P.
Below you'll find the dregs: 50 to Part 2 coming soon! She's Susan Anton! And it's PG! What the fuck?