And then they all fucked

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The phrase originated from the webcomic Questionable Content , with the caption "Yelling Bird Writes the Best Fan-Fiction ", parodying the unexplained sex scenes in lemon fanfics. The bird became a popular reaction image in Funnyjunk , suggesting an alternate ending. View All Images. Show Comments. Fans find the story about a girl reincarnated as a spider refreshing for being an isekai in which the main character isn't overpowered at the start. Cats often find themselves in places they don't belong, but when you're this agile, nowhere Is out of bounds.

And Then They Fucked \ Yelling Bird

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And then they fucked. The end

I had a convention to attend on the Friday, and told Katie I also had meetings to attend on Saturday. I suggested she join me on the Saturday, which happened to be our anniversary. She had to work on the Friday so this plan suited her. I told her I had two meetings that day, the first between 10am and 11:30, the second from 2pm till 4pm. I suggested she might wish to go shopping in the morning, and have a massage in the afternoon, perhaps joining me for lunch in between.
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