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The portrayals of bisexuality in the media reflect societal attitudes towards bisexuality in the existing media portrayals. Throughout history, numerous bisexual characters have appeared in television series , including cartoons , anime , and web series, along with literature , comics , radio , and other mediums. Bisexual characters have been featured in animation and anime for years. Despite this representation, "not all queer presentation" is created equal as one scholar noted, with representation of bisexual and transgender characters lagging behind lesbians and gay men in some respects, [1] with this representation important in the U. In a report analyzing bisexuality in various mediums, specifically movies, television, and music, GLAAD criticized the track record of the movie industry in the United States, when it came to representation, and inclusion, of bisexuality, stating that often bisexual content is either "removed from novels that films are based on," removed from original screenplays when filminy begins, or is taken out on the cutting room floor.

10 Comic Books to Celebrate Pride

Bisexual Comics

Also, with bisexuality existing on a spectrum, certain characters on this list are likely to fall under the term pansexual, too. John Constantine is definitely a controversial character when it comes to pinning down his sexuality. He debuted back in and since then has attracted a passionate fandom. His bisexuality was first mentioned in His ambiguous sexuality was also used as a reason for the live-action adaptation to not mention Constantine being queer.

These comic books and graphic novels chronicle chance encounters, leaps through time and first romances. They also transport readers to unexpected locations like the alien landscapes of Mars to front-row views of mixed martial arts tournaments. Uniting these tales are characters who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.
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