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Navigating my queerness and my privilege. S omething terrible happened to me when I was I was in seventh grade, when an outcast can ascend to coolness with the right opportunity. My ticket in, I thought, was a birthday party.

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But the first time I watched a film or tv show and felt sexually attracted to the person on the screen, it was a woman — a scene in American Pie, I think! So I had two things to worry about! I spent nights lying awake, thinking things like this:. I felt lonely and bottled everything up.


Neil Identity society , wellbeing , writing. Sharing in the personal thoughts and reflections of another bisexual person through a blog can be an intimate and powerful experience. Blogs can also help us to better understand our own bisexuality, providing us with the opportunity to recognise ourselves in the experience of others, and to learn about unfamiliar and different experiences as well. He covers the full gamut of bisexual issues, including identity, bisexual erasure and gender.
Hello and welcome. I feel scared when I come out to people. You can find a list of all blog posts here. Please spread the word.