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On time-lapse videos, some attracting more than three million views, she washes floors, scours sinks, dusts fixtures and folds laundry. Occasionally, one of her three young children passes through the shot. No, these are process videos grinding through some of the most mundane tasks we all do every week. And therein, apparently, lies the appeal. Some of the followers of these channels told me they watch the videos while cleaning their own homes, playing them on their television as a sort of inspirational soundtrack so they feel less alone. Others watch them while sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee, hoping that the video might spur them to action, or at least make them feel less guilty about their own mess.

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Back to home. The objectives are to:. This Conference is held annually on 3 May to reflect on the most pressing issues concerning press freedom. With more than 1, journalists killed in the world from to according to UNESCO, and only one case out of ten judicially solved, the level of impunity for crimes against journalists remains terribly high.
Explore contributions, investments and results in our fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria around the world. The staff of the Global Fund carry out day-to-day operations, focusing on the core business of managing grants and collaborating broadly with partners for the collective aim of achieving impact. The work of the Global Fund staff includes:. We do not have offices in countries where we invest.