Gay vampire anime series

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I want a yaoi or at least shounen ai vampire anime. I've watched vampire knight but of course thats not yaoi so At least a vampire romance one if there are no vampire yaoi ones. The first episodes are confusing but things start to make sense and in one of the later episodes their is a vampire scene. Season two is coming out in July. It s about two guys who are best friends from the same orphanage.

Does Anyone Know Of Any Gay Vampire Romance Anime?

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This is a list of fictional characters that either self-identify as gay or have been identified by outside parties to be gay , becoming part of gay media. Listed characters are either recurring characters , cameos , guest stars , or one-off characters. For the purpose of this article, anime are considered any animations created in Japan and does not include any anime-influenced animation in the United States, Europe, parts of Asia, and elsewhere in the world. Also see the corresponding lists of lesbian and bisexual anime characters. See the lists of lesbian , trans , bisexual , non-binary , pansexual , asexual , and intersex characters for information about fictional characters in other parts of the LGBTQ community. The names are organized alphabetically by surname i. If more than two characters are in one entry, the last name of the first character is used.

Any yaoi anime with vampires?

Today we have a rather peculiar topic at hand, and that is gay anime. From my experience, this can often end up being a controversial topic when brought up in a group of people. However, there are still a lot of viewers who have expressed their desire to see a list of the best gay anime there is. Some anime in the list are simple shounen-ai boys romance , while some are pure Yaoi.
Homosexuality is something which has been a part of anime for a long time. In most shows, we can find one or two characters who are homosexual. Sometimes their portrayal is quite realistic or interesting while other times they are usually used for comic purposes. There have been four anime adaptations of the manga.