Mexican men having sex

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Steven L. This study explored the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases STDs among married and cohabiting women in Mexico City, Mexico, derived from their partners' sexual behaviors. Results were derived from the first population-based household survey in Mexico that investigated male sexual behavior. Most secondary partners were coworkers, mistresses, or friends. Predominant global AIDS prevention strategies encourage monogamous sexual relationships. However, this strategy has been inadequate for many women.

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Ask a Mexican: Do Mexican Men Only Want White Women? | Westword

Hirsch originated the study. Quispe-Lazaro assisted with the study and analysis. From our ethnographic observations, we found that loneliness was a dominant element in workers' migration experience and that 2 different kinds of social spaces served as supportive environments for dealing with loneliness: bars or dance clubs and Catholic churches. Male Mexican migrant workers in the United States are at high risk of contracting HIV compared with their counterparts who remain in Mexico.

Loneliness as a Sexual Risk Factor for Male Mexican Migrant Workers

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