Moaning sounds during sex

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Morse says. Plus, an authentic moan will naturally open our throats and deepen our breath, which can lead to more powerful orgasms. Rather, we're talking about how sound can intensify the event—whether partnered or solo—and your pleasure. In the same way, vocalizations—grunts, moans, screams, and so on—during sex may increase the force in each stroke, hop, or thrust. Additionally, vocalizing during sex can make a partnered experience more intimate because it can signal pleasure, which can then boost confidence in a partner's performance.

The Pleasure-Boosting Case for Being Loud and Proud During Sex

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. Whether from porn, an R-rated movie, or some real-life experience, we all know what moaning during sex sounds like. But why is that sound such a turn-on? We asked the experts to find out. Moaning also has a practical use: it can help us guide our partners towards what we want them to do more of An "ohhh!

Here’s Why Moaning During Sex Is Such A Good Thing, According To Sex Experts

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Plus, why being authentic in your moan-making can make sex even hotter. Moan or mew. Grunt, groan, gasp, or gurgle.