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Both the Georgia Women and Men defeated their opponents. Sports fans everywhere have turned to the screens to fill their empty sports void. For fans of swimming and diving or others dire for sports content, here's a list of the top five swimming and diving films to watch. When Joyce joins Franklin and her teenaged group swim club, each discovers a new start. They use this new relationship to help each other become better swimmers until they are eventually torn apart. Before the Olympic Trials, they are reunited once again to help each other find success in the Olympics.

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Some are true life challenges or adventures while others are pure fantasy or fiction. The underlying theme of the movie is the importance of never giving up and working hard to find success. He needed something extraordinary to happen in his life, so he challenged himself to swim the English Channel. Accomplishing this helped Redmond to test his endurance to tackle his inner demons and rebuild his confidence. In , the movie The Guardian debuted.

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Through a quirk of fate, two new films being released this week are about swimming. Krisztina Goda's Children of Glory , co-written by Hollywood screenwriting legend Joe Eszterhas , is about the true story of the Hungarian water polo team at the Olympic Games in Melbourne. Just as their country's courageous uprising against Soviet tyranny was being crushed, the swimmers made a last, poignant attempt at some kind of moral victory against the cheating Russkies in the Olympics, in a contest so notoriously rough it was known as the "blood-in-the-water" match.
Share the list with your friends and sign up for swimming lessons with SwimJim. This film takes place in , where Jim Ellis, a college-educated, former competitive swimmer, struggling to find employment. Ellis, while working on a run-down swimming pool discovers a group of African-American teenage boys have a talent for swimming. Anthony Tony Fingleton was abused physically and emotionally by his father.