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My Hero Academia has always prided itself on its quirks, and there are enough superpowers in the series to satisfy any fan. From mudane to extraordinary, there are all sorts of powers in this universe, but some of them are seriously creepy. You might not have expected it, but Hawks' mother had one of the strangest quirks in all of My Hero Academia. And in order to show it off, the manga decided it was time to introduce the mysterious woman at last. At last, My Hero Academia fans met Hawks' mother this week in a new chapter.

Inko Midoriya

Celebrating My Hero Academia's Best Mom on Mother's Day

In her younger years, Inko was a slim woman who had short hair with a ponytail on the left. Over the years, she has gained weight and is showing signs of her more mature age. It is heavily implied this change in her appearance was the result of the guilt she felt towards Izuku's lack of a Quirk. Inko is a kind woman who always tries to support her son. When her son was revealed to be Quirkless and seeing him heavily crying, she frantically apologized to him as if it was her own fault.

My Hero Academia Finally Reveals Hawks' Mom and Her Strange Quirk

If we were going to point out one of the unsung heroes from My Hero Academia , we'd have to pick Inku Midoriya. She may not be a hero in title, but she certainly is a hero in our hearts. Mother of the famous and beloved Izuku Midoriya aka Deku , Inku deserves so much love for her role. Some fans have taken a real inkling to her, which explains why there is so much fan art out there surrounding her. Others seem to be blissfully unaware of her presence the moment she's off the screen.
Mother's Day has come, and millions are celebrating their own mamas along with some fictional ones. It is no surprise the anime fandom has taken the holiday as a chance to hype its greatest moms, and the My Hero Academia community has taken that to a new level. After all, Inko Midoriya deserves all of the love, and we're not afraid to break down why. After all, Inko is a bit of a gift when it comes to moms. My Hero Academia has a slew of parents which fans have met, but Inko is a clear winner when compared to the women who raised Bakugo or even Todoroki.