Naked news broadcasting

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Female anchors strip fully naked as they present the news. A show falls into one of these performance buckets depending on how many times more or less demand it has compared to the demand benchmark. The following chart shows a day trend of weekly demand for Naked News compared to the weekly demand of all Mockumentary titles in the United States. Click through to another market to discover how well Naked News travels internationally. Answer one question and put our thinking to work on your challenges. Capture more value from content opportunities in the United States as well as globally.

United States TV audience demand for Naked News

After Naked News, Canada gets its first porn channel | Hindustan Times

Canada, which is home to the world's first Naked News channel, finally joins the US and other western nations in getting its first full-fledged pornography TV channel. Called Vanessa, the French-language porn channel will start airing from Oct Though to be broadcast nationally, it will mainly target Quebec which is the French-speaking province of Canada. Its English version will hit the airwaves next year. To be broadcast in HD, the adult channel will show erotic-based dramas, reality shows and sex-themed documentaries. Giving the green signal to the country's first porn channel, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC has stipulated that the channel must avoid violence and stick to what it calls "equitable portrayals'' of the sexes.

All Nudes, All the Time

Naked News, an Internet news service that gets as many headlines as it gives because of its naked anchors, gained broader exposure in its native Canada last week when it launched on CHUM-owned independent broadcast station CITY-TV in Toronto and Ontario and on its Sextv, a cable and digital channel available throughout Canada. The service is best-known for its online newsreaders, who disrobe as they offer reports ranging from international news to business and lifestyle features. But Naked News ' North American television exposure has been limited to pay-per-view services in homes and hotel rooms. The programs airing on Canadian TV are not the daily newscasts but a magazine-style program produced weekly and featuring the Naked News ' female anchors.
It features nude female news presenters reading news bulletins derived from news wires. There are six daily news programs a week and they are approximately 22 minutes long. Naked News TV!