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Naturally, history buffs are intrigued with the cavalcade of rare, valuable items that occasionally come into the shop, such as a humidor that belonged to John F. These four got into all kinds of shenanigans with one another, and it was just as entertaining to watch them bust each other's chops as it was to see them negotiate on a rare antique. Of course, it takes a lot of people to run a pawn shop, and over the years, various minor crew members have popped in and out of the series. If you wondered what happened to Black after Corey and Chumlee took such a liking to her, here's your answer. As is the case with any other series, there are rules the cast has to follow. One of these is that Rick Harrison and his team sometimes have to purchase items they wouldn't necessarily buy otherwise so that the show can be more engaging.

The Real Reason Olivia Black Was Fired From Pawn Stars

The Real Reason Olivia Black Was Fired From Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars fan favorite Chumlee has been in the public eye of late. He has been filming new episodes of Pawn Stars. But, where is Olivia, the woman he married in August ? She is nowhere on his Instagram. Pawn Stars fans that follow Chumlee may be wondering where his wife Olivia has been.

‘Pawn Stars’: Where’s Olivia Russell, Chumlee’s Wife?

In fact, since their show made-it-big in , the History Channel stars have remained scandal-free… almost. Last year, the Harrisons were thrust into the headlines when their shop girl-- and co-star at the time-- Olivia Black was canned by History after it was revealed she did some racy nude modeling, a decision Rick Harrison had no part in, he said. The show, which will air all new episodes beginning on Thursday, has changed over the years as well. But Harrison guarantees the new episodes will follow the same successful format of past seasons. The show has an educational aspect too, he said.
Olivia Black would be one of the famous history show, Pawn Stars, most notable actresses. She may have joined when the show was in its 5th season, but she was difficult to ignore. The attractive woman came in as one of the workers of the night shift.