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New York. Along with The Weeknd — whose Super Bowl halftime performance drew criticism on the basis that he makes music for sex playlists , not halftime shows — Miguel is among the most frequently cited artists in the sex playlist discourse. But debates over which artists do or do not belong on a sex playlist ultimately come second to a much bigger question regarding sex playlists: Should they exist in the first place? On this point, the internet seems very much divided. For everyone who insists having a sex playlist is essential, there are those who argue the exact opposite. According to one, the sex playlist is a tell-tale sign of promiscuity, a fuckboy starter-pack staple that suggests the keeper of said sex playlist is always ready to fire it up at any and every possible opportunity.

72 Songs for the Best Sex Playlist Ever

Should You Have a Sex Playlist? What Is a Sex Playlist? - InsideHook

Okay, moment of truth. Do you have a sex playlist? Whether you've got multiple musical collections, each specific to the positions presented in the Kama Sutra , or the thought of grinding to the beat of bedroom pop makes you blush, there is no denying that seven and a half minutes of Justin Timberlake setting the mood with his smooth falsetto is just what the love doctor ordered. So, without further ado, here, the best songs to, err, have sex to. No need to rush things. Listen Now. Wait, did Donna just…?

40 Sultry Songs to Add to Your Sex Playlist

Music obviously enhances a lot of experiences see: workouts , car rides, long walks, lake weekends, etc. Obviously with the exception of quickies and spontaneous sex, you need a banging playlist to have on repeat during your bone sessions. Want your partner to slow down? You can opt for slower tempos that tend to feel more passionate. Looking for kinkier, rougher sex?
She may even include a few of her own songs on it. Who knows? Music almost always makes sex better, with one condition: You have to play the right songs.