Sexy photo lighting

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John and Rayne are a young couple who came to our Las Vegas studio for their photo session together. They wanted some portraits that are both sexy and a little bit edgy, and came dressed for the role. Rayne wore a chain dress that hung on her every curve, with her long, blonde hair in soft curls. John went shirtless, wearing jeans and some jewelry, showing his tattoos. All images were photographed indoors against a black backdrop, and lit with a single studio light in a large soft box.

Las Vegas Couples Boudoir Photography

Sexy - B&W Couple's Boudoir

Oscar McAnally of Vanity Boudoir Photography said the facial expression is the most important feature of a photo. Angela Michelle of Raven Red Photography holds occasional workshops on how to take your own boudoir pics with your smartphone, as she did here with her iPhone. It can be downright fun to strip down your inhibitions for the camera. That goes for all shapes, sizes and sensibilities.

Sexy and sensual

As Karl and Urs continue to explore creative studio lighting setups, they use just three lights to create this sexy boudoir style shot. After Urs explains the concept of lens flare and how to avoid it, Karl decides to incorporate it into the shot in a creative way. You guys tend to make it look so easy. I must remember to watch more of your tutorials before my next photo shoot. Great lighting.
Get more info. My Favorite Five! However depending on the light quality that day and the weather!