The peepee poopoo man

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Top definition. Toronto's first official supervillain. He is a menacing prowler who dumps buckets of human feces and urine on unsuspecting innocents. Mar 14 Word of the Day. Two weeks after the second shot and that vaxhole is posting selfies from a Cancun bar. A man made of of pee pee, and of poo poo.

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Sign In. The Bye Bye Man Hide Spoilers. Let's just all hope, the girl who played the girlfriend never gets a movie role ever again. The whole film felt like a joke and the acting was awful but that girl.. Probably the worst 'acting' I have ever seen. About the story.

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Peepee Poopoo , also spelled Peepeepoopoo and Pee Pee Poo Poo , is a catchphrase used online, particularly for the purposes of mocking and belittling various subjects of discussion in a lowbrow manner and in ironic memes. On December 23rd, , Twitter [1] user krisstraub tweeted an edited version of the horror film Bye Bye Man in which the name of the character was replaced with the "The Peepee Poopoo Man" original and edited shown below, left and right. Show Comments. Fans find the story about a girl reincarnated as a spider refreshing for being an isekai in which the main character isn't overpowered at the start.
The Bye Bye Man Poster Parodies is a photoshop meme based on a promotional poster for the horror film The Bye Bye Man , which typically replace the film title with humorous variations. Within one month, the tweet gained over 2, likes and 1, retweets. On January 4th, , Tumblr user aurajackal [5] posted an edit of the poster titled "The Scatman" shown below, left. Within three weeks, the posts garnered more than 23, and 25, notes respectively.