What does imouto mean

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Often times, we see this close bond in anime between two siblings, usually the main character and their imouto. When it comes down to sibling relationships, imouto is great for showing the close bonds between an older sibling and their little sister. An imouto, no matter how strong they may appear, will usually bring out the protective side of the main character. Also, as the young sibling with a cute demeanor, imouto can be used to invoke sympathy in many viewers. How often have you seen an imouto get hurt, bullied, or killed? There are various types of imouto shown in anime, much like in real life, not every single character type is the same.

What Does Imouto Mean? [Definition, Meaning]

Urban Dictionary: Imouto

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Asked by Wiki User. The cast of Imouto - includes: Reiko Mikami as Imouto. It is imouto.
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