Wives and sex

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Surat : A woman from Surat, Gujarat, refused to have a sexual relationship with her husband after she learned that he already had five wives. The man, who is 21 years older to the woman, started looking for a 7th wife after the sixth one refused to consummate the marriage. The man was identified as Ayyub Degiya. Since September last year, Degiya has been searching for a woman as he wishes to marry for the 7th time. Degiya, a farmer from Kalpetha, got married for the 6th time in September last year. The couple parted ways in December, after the woman refused to have sex with him.

Marathon sex with 5 wives kills man

Sex - A word to wives | Focus on the Family Australia

Gone could be the days of afternoon delight and here to stay could be the days of Wednesdays and Saturdays only. Obviously every marriage is different and your sex life can only be what you make it but, according to new research, there's one type of wife who gets it more than the rest. A survey of married couples, conducted by Florida State University, has found that wives who are happy, laid back and agreeable have more sex than wives who are not. The couples were asked to keep a sex diary for two weeks alongside taking personality tests. They also had to rate their sexual encounters from one to seven.

Behind the Rainbow, “Tongqi” Wives of Men Who Have Sex With Men in China: A Systematic Review

My husband, Greg, and I have travelled together for years in order to speak at marriage events. We love doing this! We have even noticed that this has been wonderfully beneficial to our marriage — including the increase of passion and sexual intimacy in our relationship. What I am saying is that there might be additional things you could be doing that would rev it up in your marriage relationship.
There are around 14 million Tongqi wives whose needs for support are often overshadowed. This phenomenon has been largely under researched, this review is the first to address the current data on the Tongqi. The aim of this systematic review is to begin to provide insight into the pre-existing data and the further support that is needed for the wives of MSM.