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"We'll Kill You If You Cry": Sexual Violence in the Sierra Leone Conflict

The Rage of the Incels | The New Yorker

Prevalence of Sexual Violence during the War Throughout the ten-year civil war, thousands of Sierra Leonean women and girls were subjected to widespread and systematic sexual violence, including rape and sexual slavery. A survey of female heads of households in communities of displaced persons carried out by Physicians for Human Rights PHR in found that approximately one of every eight household members 13 percent had been subjected to one or more incidents of conflict-related sexual violence; among the actual respondents to the survey, the prevalence rate of conflict-related sexual violence was 9 percent 94 out of Human Rights Watch has primarily documented sexual violence committed during the latter stages of the war when the organization had a full-time presence in the country, beginning April This does not mean that sexual violence was at its worse during this period. Since that time, Human Rights Watch extensively documented crimes of sexual violence during the January invasion of Freetown as well as ongoing human rights abuses. Human Rights Watch has also received numerous reports of sexual violence dating from earlier in the war. Perpetrators Survivors of sexual violence mostly reported being raped by rebel forces, but were at times not able to identify which rebel faction the perpetrators belonged to or whether-especially given the frequent collaboration between soldiers and rebels-the perpetrators were indeed rebels or rather soldiers from the Sierra Leone Army SLA.

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Sexual violence is an overarching term used to describe "[a]ny violence, physical or psychological, carried out through sexual means or by targeting sexuality. Rape as defined in the appeals chamber judgment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ICTY in the Foca case is "[t]he sexual penetration, however slight: a of the vagina or anus of the victim by the penis of the perpetrator or any other object used by the perpetrator; or b [of] the mouth of the victim by the penis of the perpetrator; where such sexual penetration occurs without the consent of the victim. Consent for this purpose must be consent given voluntarily, as a result of the victim's free will, assessed in the context of the surrounding circumstances.