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Your mom always wanted to be a professional model. Alas, she had you, a mistake she regrets she should have used protection and had to quit her dream and take her of her unwanted child. Your mom, obviously wanted you to follow photography at school but nevertheless you decided to to follow biology like the nerd you are. That little shit!!! Biology, fucking biology….. Son - It was great mom!

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Very high appeal. Mom put on a great show to my friends at the restaurant, now all my are addicted to her sexy body and ass. My mom gets blind drunk on weekends. I walk her into the house from the cab, sometimes basically carrying her, her feet just dragging on the floor. I try to get her to drink some water, but usually she collapses in a heap and tries to sleep as soon as I park her somewhere like the sofa. So I take her to her bedroom.

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I stood there and watch as they touched each other. I felt my pussy get wet. Never felt this feeling before. As I got back home from school, I walked upstairs to an interesting sight.
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